Dried Poppy Pods and Poppy Seeds

Welcome to your online resource for all your poppy product needs. Our goal is to provide you the largest selection of poppy products at the lowest prices. With, you can buy poppy pods and buy poppy seeds from anywhere in the world.

Whether you use poppies in your business or in poppy crafts, at we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with your product or you will receive your money back.

Our famous Giant Poppy Pods are our best selling product and its no surprise. Being four times larger than the average poppy pod, they are the perfect focal point for any floral arrangement. Check out our other great poppy pod products.

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Super Giganthemums

Our highly popular, seasonal Super Giganthemums are back in stock. We only have a limited supply of these popular poppy pods until the next drying season in August. These are the largest and most beautiful pods we have seen in a while.

Poppy Information

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