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Welcome to the best place to buy opium poppies in America. The 21st Century has just begun with a bang, and the strong efforts of U.S. troops around the world are already making it harder to grow and sell the typical poppy variety from Afghanistan’s long time terrorism funding dealers. While we all wait for the armed conflict to cool down, there’s been an increasing amount of American poppy production that’s taking advantage of the easy hybridization poppy is capable of, added to the top agricultural products and research found in the land of opportunity. Opium trade in America has seen worse days, when even most farms legally allowed by international laws to produce and export poppies for medicinal opium hide a fairly good share of its harvest to invest them in the black market.

Still, fear not, because we still can get you any kind of poppy pods, seeds and straight opium you may need. We can have Colombian, Chinese, Turkish, Mexican, Iranian or even Afghan poppies shipped to you in less time than you’d imagine, at premium offer prices. You only have to order now and wait for your perfectly grown poppies to arrive. After all, America has been the biggest market for leisure drugs, and opium always finds its way to its consumers. See, even ancient Arabian physicians were aware of opium’s biochemical qualities, and recommended its use in the form of little pills, sometimes labeled with a seal that called them “mash Allah”, meaning “God’s gift”. In the Roman Empire, opium was a much appreciated item, one that only the emperor could set the price to, and one so controlled it was punished to speculate with. Along with flour and salt, it was a product that set standard values along the vast empire, helping newly conquered lands to adapt to the new Roman currency and tax system. Not so bad for a drug that’s been outlawed but is much less destructive and isn’t such high a factor in crime as alcohol.

Back to the present day market, you can buy opium poppies in America, as it’s become clear that not even a multibillion dollar war on terror and a tighter domestic security can stop opium trafficking from reaching its loyal customers. Just be sure to buy it in the best sites of the web, so you can get exactly what you’ve been looking for, at affordable prices and in the right shipping time. Search through sites and links, and behold a selection of some of the best species among the four hundred opium poppy varieties, rich in alkaloid production and juicy enough to satisfy you.

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Super Giganthemums

Our highly popular, seasonal Super Giganthemums are back in stock. We only have a limited supply of these popular poppy pods until the next drying season in August. These are the largest and most beautiful pods we have seen in a while.

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