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After looking through the web for a safe way to get your fix, you may come to think itís hard to find what youíre looking for. But now that youíve come across our site, take your time to calmly check it out and see for yourself how easy it is to buy opium poppies online. It doesnít matter if you have never bought poppies in your life, let us be the ones to introduce you to a completely new crystal to see life through, so attractive that you have to buy it up and discover whatís made it the favorite fascination of literally hundreds of generations, going back as far as the Sumerian civilization and beyond. Its appeal is so legendary, that itís even been the matter of warfare and rivalry in ancient history and, as you read this lines, territorial conflicts -among dealers or against governments- are being held for control of the international and local opium market. But you need not to put yourself in harmís way anymore to get your opiates, now you only have to make a few clicks and stay in the safety of your home until your package reaches your city. What donít you like about it?

Granted, it can have its nightmarish side effects if you use it the wrong way, but thatís why you must be careful. After all, you donít want to end up like one of those street bums, right? An opium dose considered low may fluctuate between 500 mg and 1 grams; a medium dose is measured in the ranks of 2 to 3 g. High doses are in the 4 to 5 g. And remember: a lethal dose in users who havenít reached an expert tolerance level is about 10 g. Of course, we recommend you to start low so your organism gets to tolerate the chemicals better and overcome the preliminary states associated to a new substance inside your body.

Okay, now that we got that covered, you can start to buy opium poppies online. Feel the hardcore rush of the drug that set the standard, from the effectiveness of its active chemical alkaloids, to the superb pleasure it provides and the deserved luxury of a calm thatís deep, yet ecstatic. It does a lot more than just calm you down and give you hours of rapture per dose. It makes your imagination go wild, and adds a sudden sensation of long lasting euphoria and a contemplative feeling most Buddhist monks struggle for decades to reach. And no, thatís not an exaggerated statement.

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Super Giganthemums

Our highly popular, seasonal Super Giganthemums are back in stock. We only have a limited supply of these popular poppy pods until the next drying season in August. These are the largest and most beautiful pods we have seen in a while.

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