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Sometimes it’s pretty hard to get your hands on a good quality drug to get yourself juiced up. You may want to chase the dragon by buying some grams of that doubtful crap they sell in dark, dirty back alleys and end up being chased yourself in a bad trip. Or you may visit a website to buy opium and get a discreet package of opium, of the absolutely best varieties, no less, and within a rich spectrum of the most exotic, rarest and better grown, genetically enhanced poppy species in the entire world, from China to Afghanistan, from Thailand to Colombia to Turkey or even Peru, we have nothing but the best alkaloids ever. With our online service, it’s never been easier to buy any opiate your particular tastes need to be satisfied in a way you may not have known was possible, combining a millennia old favorite source of all natural pleasure with the 21st century’s chemical advances, cutting edge equipment and modern procedures. You’ll wish you had visited our site earlier once you’ve seen our vast catalogue and its fairly good prices, and you’ll trust us enough to pay us a visit once again, and every time you may want to experience a first class flight without leaving home.

For a pretty flower, poppy doesn’t seem so potent and wild. In fact, mankind has known of poppies’ hidden beauty for so long, it isn’t even recorded in the writings of ancient historians the first time people discovered its multiple narcotic properties. The substance we’ve known as opium is named after the classic Greek word for juice, “opion”, because they obtained this drug from the juice of unripe poppy pods. Through history, opium has been sold in many kinds of ways, be it in rock form, ready to be mashed and put inside a pipe, or even mixed with alcoholic beverages. For centuries, opium distillations were highly popular and recommended as sedatives, painkillers, analgesics or just as a fine drink, yet it was quite commonplace to have it prescribed as a cure for almost any disease, pain and disorder, like insomnia, migraine, arthritis or anything too unclear to be identified.

Later, during the 18th and 19th centuries, several physicians and scientists documented and warned people about the many unexpected physical and psychological side effects of opium addiction. Soon, the ever increasing toxicity levels displayed by the new, more refined opium products ended up pushing scientists and pharmaceutical companies alike to develop synthetic alternatives. Still, the original product is available and deemed excellent, so give it a try and buy opium. It’s just a click away, get now a much deserved quality trip by getting the best opium out there.

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Super Giganthemums

Our highly popular, seasonal Super Giganthemums are back in stock. We only have a limited supply of these popular poppy pods until the next drying season in August. These are the largest and most beautiful pods we have seen in a while.

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