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California’s flower state, is the California poppy flower (Eschsholtzia californica), It was declared the state’s emblem in 1890, and the coastal hills and inner grasslands are decorated by this wild poppy plant, amazed visitors admire the golden touch this plant prints to Californian landscapes, and it is proudly cherished by locals and protected by California’s legislations.

When the Spaniards arrived to this lands, they discovered that the American Natives, ate California poppy as a vegetable (the green parts of the plant) and they also prepared teas and beverages and use them as remedies for headache, stomachache, to induce sleep and also to stop milk production on breastfeeding mothers, as lotion it was also an effective hair lice killer. Spaniards called this plant as “dormidera” or the “drowsy one”, after the slight sedative effects this plant’s tea produces. Even when it doesn’t contain any opiate derivates, it’s a natural property of this specie. Spaniards also called it “copa de oro” or “golden cup” for the flowers particular bell-shape and vibrant orange colors. When you travel along the wild California poppy fields you face an overwhelming spectacle. It is amazing how these little plants have found the ideal conditions to grow free under elevate dessert environment these soils provide them with.

All along California’s poppy history, we do not find any record of the use of this plant for smoking purposes, or being processed to extract any substance from the poppy plant besides oil extracting from the seeds, which was also a common practice made by the American Natives. But we know, that poppy gum from papaver somniferum, or better know as opium has been smoked in California, since it was introduced by the Chinese community a long ago. We are aware of the Chinese preference for this opium poppy and it has been illegally smuggled in spite of all the effort the DEA and the police make to stop this practice and its consume is still high and everyone can get opium for smoking at the underworld market. Chinese mob controls the illegal introduction, distribution and consume of opium in California State till our days.

Opium has been smoked in China since the English as a war weapon against the Chinese first used it, to win the commercial leadership during the period know as “the opium war”. Chinese then became addicted to this drug and continue consuming it frequently by smoking it using their particular opium pipes specially designed for this purpose.

Thus, we can concrete that, as California poppy is not suitable for smoking due to the absence of opium in this specie, this poppy still remains being a proudly symbol of California’s beauty nature, distinguishing this state with its unique golden color.

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