California Poppy Types

The California poppy (Eschsholtzia californica), is an annual or perennial flowering plant that is drought tolerate and fond of arid environments, its flowers are bell-shaped in vibrant orange colors that close at sunset, and are very popular, so much, that they are the emblem of California State, by the California State Floral Society in 1890. The foliage of this poppy, reaches a fairly height and it resembles palm leaves.

Given that, the California poppy is the state flower, the government has protected the plant. It is illegal to pick, destroy, or dig up a California poppy. Any person caught doing one of these three actions runs the risk of being fined for infringement of this law. If you are really interested in obtaining the California poppy plant, then you must buy the seeds from your local nursery and grow your own plants. The California poppy is an excellent add-on to any garden, but remember to only plant the flower in a climate where it will succeed and bloom.

Additionally to this protection, another measures have been taken to protect and to conserve this poppy. California’s Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, is truly one of the Golden State’s most unique state parks. It is located in the western Antelope Valley; the Poppy Reserve is committed to the preservation the state’s flower symbol—the California poppy. The state flower grows wildly in the 1745 acres that conform the state park. The main task of this particular Natural Park is to ensure that the field is totally natural and undisturbed; park workers do not water them or provide any other maintenance procedure. The only proactive measure the Poppy Reserve has taken is performing planned burns, with the hope of preventing devastating natural fires. California poppies were native to this area, which has an elevation of 2600 to 3000 feet, and it is considered a high desert environment. This is the ideal condition for the propagation of the California poppy (Eschscholzia californica), This poppy was nicknamed by the Spaniards as the “the golden cup” or “copa de oro”, and also “drowsy one”, or “dormidera”. Native Americans used to eat the leaves of the California poppy as a vegetable, and used the flowers and seedpods to prepare remedies to relieve aches and pains.

Another poppy, the Matilija poppy, was also in the running for the title of state flower. It is no surprise, however, that the Floral Society chose the California poppy, partially because of its name. A Russian immigrant, Adelbert Von Chamisso named this poppy in 1816. Chamisso was a member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences and he was so delighted with these brilliant golden flowers, that he gave them the name Eschsholtzia californica after the state, and one of the experts on the Russian expedition team, Dr. Johann Friedrich Eschsholitz.

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