Can You Get Opium From Oriental Poppy Plants

Opium is the dried latex gum of the opium poppy or papaver somniferum. Most of the world's illegal opium has been cultivated in Afghanistan and the Golden Triangle region of Southeast Asia for many years. Even though, in recent years, an increasing amount is coming from Latin America, (Mexico and Colombia). In Colombia, papaver somniferum plantations have displaced to some extent cocaine trade because it is easier to refine into a marketable and demanded product: Heroin. Heroin production has also made roots in the Caucasus Mountains. Opium is a narcotic drug, which is obtained from the unripe seedpods of the opium poppy or papaver somniferum poppy. The opium poppy, is the only type of poppy from which opium and all refined opiates such as heroin are extracted.

On the other hand, legal production of opium for medical purposes cultivation with the objective of producing the variety of opiate-based products used by the medical market is more than 50% of global opium production worldwide, and it takes place mostly in Tasmania (Australia), and India. In these countries, it is used strictly in the most natural form, which contains a number of active ingredients, and since they grow here under the ideal conditions, these levels are the highest. It is smoked, eaten, or prepared as a drink to produce the opiate effects. It is also widely used as local medicine in its native countries; the resin requires a minimal process, just boiling the gum in water, filtering, and drying. Illicit trade of opium is relatively unusual, since major smuggling organizations prefer to further refine opium into heroin. A given quantity of heroin is worth much more than an equivalent amount of opium; therefore trade of heroin is much more profitable.

Heroin is manufactured through the chemical processing of opium, and smuggled into the United States and Europe. Purity levels vary greatly by region. And drug dealers trade heroin illegally. To make this more exact, we should underline that you can get opium just from the papaver somniferum poppy, and not from any other poppy variety, like, for instance Oriental poppy plants.

While the Oriental poppy plant, is another member of the large papaver family (it estimated that there are hundreds of different species of this same genre), doesn’t produce any opiate derivates. Like most of the other varieties of harmless poppies, Oriental poppy is cultivated worldwide just for ornamental reasons. It has beautiful salmon-pink flowers, which just last for a few days. Oriental poppy is considered as an easy to grow plant and it is very appreciated by gardeners and florists all around the world for its uniqueness and exquisiteness. This type of poppy is totally legal to grow, sale, and you can buy both seeds or plants at you local nurseries, greenhouses or special gardening stores. Thus, if your inquire is, if you can get opium from oriental poppy plants, now you know this is impossible since this poppy does not contain any opiate substance and it is totally safe.

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