Can You Grow Poppies From Edible Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds are widely distributed worldwide, as they have several uses and they are especially demanded. We can start by mentioning that these seeds are rich in essential oils, nutriments, and fiber. Their distinguishing sweet nutty flavor enriches foods and adds all the healthy properties of this tiny seeds. They have been used for cooking for centuries, and they are now an important part of the culinary traditions of different cultures and countries.

Its use for baking bread, cookies, pastries, cakes, muffins, and a numberless list of baked delicacies is very important, and you can find lots of recipes with poppy seeds as an important ingredient to prepare a large amount of different meals. Salads are sprinkled with poppy seeds, like we do with sesame seeds, or other nuts. They also go well in the preparation of salad dressings, and rich and thick sauces for the preparation of poultry, pork, beef, fish, and seafood dishes. In countries like India and most parts of Asia and Middle East recipe books you can find several of these sauces prepared and mixed with other different spices. The Mogul (Northern part of India), culinary folklore is specially based in poppy seed use. The large variety of the papaver poppy family produces two different kind of seeds, according with their botanical classification: white or gray-dark ones, and both are used for cooking.

It is also important the extraction of oil from poppy seeds, there is an important industrial structure dedicated to this manufacturing. And it is a perfect substitute of olive oil in the kitchen. This oil is also used for the preparation of paints used by artists for itsí fast drying characteristics. Another important use of this extracting process is the production of soaps and cosmetics including poppy seeds oil.

Poppy cultivators, besides covering the demand of poppy seeds for culinary and extracting oil industry, also supply poppy seeds for the reproduction of these plants worldwide. You can buy these gardening type seeds at you local stores or on the Internet. There is a long list of varieties, and probably you will be able to find just a few of them in the local markets, the rest will be found online and distributed by recognized serious dealers at specialized botanical web pages. These poppy seeds are meant for growing, thus they do not suffer any sterilization process or disturbance, and they are specially selected to achieve the highest standard characteristics of every species. And even when they are also edible, they are more suitable for grown purposes.

But there is not reason why you can also spread edible poppy seeds in your garden and be able to grow poppies from them, even if they are sterilized, of course, not all the poppy seeds will sprout, however, if they find the ideal germination conditions, you could be surprised to find that by accident you can grow poppies from edible poppy seeds as well.

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