Can You Use California Poppies To Make Poppy Tea?

California poppies are the emblematic symbol of California’s State. Being spread all along the coastal hills and covering inner grasslands, printing a particular and distinguishing mark to California’s golden landscapes. This plant grows wildly and protected by the State’s legislation. It is forbidden to pick up, destroy or dig out this precious plant. All those who dare to do this, run the risk of being caught and must pay a fine for doing so disapproved actions. Most people also grow California poppies in their gardens or in nice pots indoors. It is also common to find a large number of nurseries and greenhouses dedicated to the production of these nice plants. Its and endemic poppy specie, which prefers elevated dessert environments to grow and California provides them with the ideal conditions to proliferate in large quantities. California poppy’s season for flourishing is spring and it stops in mid summer, their vibrant orange-yellowish colored blossoms open every morning with the first sunrays and close at sunset. The flowers of this plant have a distinctive bell-shape, that makes them different from the other oval or rounded papaver flowers shapes Wildly, they do not need fertilization or watering, and they sprout spontaneously by the next season, they’re annual or perennial plants.

Besides these important characteristics, California poppy is quite appreciated by gardeners and landscape architects, who use it for gardening and landscape design. Carnivals and floral events take place every year all along the state to honor those who maintain the purity of this specie.

It is a fact, that being a plant with some medicinal properties, you can use California poppies to make poppy tea, Why not? Back in the past the American Natives tribes used to make tea from this poppy flowers to heal headaches and stomachaches. They also used to eat the green parts of the California poppies as vegetables. These poppies are not toxic, thus, you can use California poppies to make poppy tea from them, and this cannot be harmful, right? California poppy was nicknamed for the Spaniards as “dormidera” or “The drowsy one”, so it is clear that it is also a natural sleep inducer, try to use some California poppies’ flowers to make poppy tea to fight your insomnia. Just try it. What can you lose? On the contrary, you may have sweet dreams under its effects. It may work for you.

I am not that sure, but probably you could also find California poppy tea bags available online (lately a lot of natural herbal alternatives are proliferating in the Internet), try to look for information about this and perhaps you also learn more about California poppy healing properties, history and other possible uses of these remarkable plant.

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