Giant Oriental Poppy

There are poppies and the Oriental poppy. Of this last one there are many new varieties. Each year both the poppies and the Oriental poppy become more and more popular.People have become more interested in the growing of these plants. The giant Oriental poppy comes in a variety of colors. They range form the color red to the color blue. The giant Oriental poppy or the papaver orientale as it is also known blooms during the months of May and June. The giant Oriental poppies grow from 2 and a half feet to 4 feet long. This plant in full growth with its foliage and large flower cups along with its seedpods make for a truly stunning visual effect. This type of flower often measures nine or ten inches across. This kind of flower sometimes has a black blotch in the center of the petals. They all have a great number of purple black stamens in the center.

The giant Oriental poppy can be used in flower arrangements as well as ornaments for your home. They look great in a garden, due to the variety of colors that they come on. People who use them in their garden usually plant large masses of them together so that they have a stunning visual effect. However if you do plant them with other plants, choose the color carefully so that your giant oriental poppy can still have an effect.

The giant Oriental poppy can grow in any open area, with lots of sunshine. They actually need very little care. During the hot weather the plant should be watered, but not too often. Once they have finished blooming, they should not be watered or moved, since the hot weather affects the seed in a positive way. They make the seed much stronger. Once the rainy weather sets in the seeds should spout roots. Once this happens the seedling should be transplanted to another place, like the outdoors or another pot. If the seedling is left in the same place then the giant Oriental poppy should be mulched. This means that the roots should be covered in sawdust or leaves to protect them form the cold weather .Once Spring arrives the mulch is covered up by the leaves of the plant. If taken care of properly the giant Oriental poppy can be left in the same place for many years. If it is your desire to grow new plants then during fall, the plant can be cut into two inch pieces and planted in soil, so plants can propagated on their own. Plant can also be grown from the seeds, although this is a bit harder since not all seeds actually sprout.

The giant Oriental poppy is a plant that once it blooms, it adds great beauty to your garden.

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